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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  February 3, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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thanks a lot. what a gut-wrenching night. enjoying a furious comeback for san francisco that fell short. after the bizarre power outage the 49ers almost completed the greatest comeback in super bowl history. here is how it came down. john and jim, all smiles before the game. their parents, jack and jackie looking on from a luxury suite. less than 2 minutes to go in the first half. airing it it out to a wide open, jones, he pops back up and sprinted to the end zone. the third pass of the half for flacco. leading 21-6 at the break. the 3rd quarter, a bigger play from jones. >> this can be a runback from 9 deep. from jones, look at him go. passed the 50 and he is flying! inside the 20, kickoff return, 109 yards and a touchdown.
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an all-time record. >> 28-6 ravens. apparently, i was not the only one thinking about turning out the lights. the lights went out causing a 34 minute delay. from there the lights went on for the 49er offense. the strike to crabtree. he shakes 2 defenders away and scores. 1harbaugh loving it, the other, not so much. giving the 49ers great field position, 2 plays later, gore in the misdirection. and a 3-minute span, san francisco made it an 8-point game. 4th quarter, ravens up. kaepernick turns free. turns the corner. not a linebacker in the league going to beat him at a footrace. the 49ers come up empty on the 2-point conversion that would make them pay. under three minutes left. gore, rips off a 33 yard run, the 49ers are inside the 10. he goes over 100 yards for the second time in the post season. but, san francisco would not be
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able to punch it in. kaepernick overthrows it on 4th and goal. furious holding was not called. you can expect the flag with the game on the line. ravens hang on to beat the 49erss, 34-31. and they win super bowl 47. >> i mean it is say great joy but it was the most difficult thing in the the world to understand that he is over there -- i just think jim is a great competitor and i don't just love him, obviously, i think anybody out there that has a brother can understand what that is all about. nothing that anybody can't understand. just believe in him, respect him, admire him and i look up to him in so many ways and i am hurting for him in that sense. >> i really want to handle it with class and grace. this are several -- we had several opportunities of the game. we did not play our best game. the ravens made a lot of plays. our guys battled back to get back in it.
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yes, there is no question, in my mind, that there was a pass interference. >> i definitely thought they would throw a flag. they didn't. i mean, this is football. the national football league. and, you got to expect these kinds of things to happen. nothing to do to change the hands of time. what is done is done. >> yo, man, it sucks. you work so hard to get here and to come out with a loss -- it seems like it was all for nothing. but, we have a good group of guys on the team. we will be back next year. >> i mean i think the last drive when we got the ball and had time to go down for to score a touchdown we thought it was our game. >> yeah. tough first half for the 49ers. they had the key penalties, the fumbles that rupted in a ravens touchdown. just a power first half of play. in the end it came back to hurt san francisco. but, the young football team they will be back. they will be back on the big stage hopefully next year. that is it right now from new orleans. we will have more coming up in sports right now let's go back
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to liz and alan in san francisco. >> exciting game. just was not a way in. >> we will check with you later. >> we will be back. one of the most memorable moments dennis was mensing when it went dark at the superdome. kpix5 reporter mike sugarman was in the stands when the lights went out, mike? >> we got a statement from the company that runs the power here in new orleans. says that some sensing machine detected an abnormality so it shutdown. when i was sitting in the stands, all of a sudden it got dark and it was not panic. anything like that. it was more of amusement and it gave people time to get a hot dog and more drinks and go to the bathroom. and people were just milling around. but there was amazement such a thing could happen in the middle of one of the most
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watched television events ever. >> who has it better than us? people with electricity! [ laughter ] >> still selling beer? >> yes, i am. >> a lot of people buy something. >> yes, lots of people buying. >> what do you think of the game so far? >> well, the game is terrible pwaudz the 9ers are playing -- terrible because the 9ers are playing badly but the lights went out maybe they will start over and we will have a chance. >> who would of thought a world class event like this would have a full power outage. maybe it is an omen the 49ers will take the game after all. >> yes. come back. yes. monday night football. 9ers and steelers, it was a real black eye for the city. now, back here on burbon street. it is 1:00 in the morning. there is no power outage here. i will tell you that. a lot of happy purple people.
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not so happy red and white niner people. but they are mixing it up. there has not been many problems here at all. back to you guys. >> that power is going to stay on all night long and into the morning. >> people powered. >> all right, mike, thanks. i am so disappointed that the 49ers lost. but, it was a fun game to watch. >> now, tough for the niner fans every where. the folks dealing with the tough loss in the east bay. a team of reporters across the bay area. kpix joe vasquez where the police prepared for anything but joe have you seen any problems? >> reporter: you know, interesting alan, as the game got close, louder and more intense out here. that is when the police started flooding the streets here 24th and south here. this is after the game. a couple arrests.
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two women got into a fight and another man had too much to drink. sfpd reports 25 arrests in all throughout the city. now, here in the mission, we watched as dozens of cops in riot gear patrolled the streets in groups and moved quickly at the mere mention of any problems. >> well, i think people see the police presence and they tend to calm themselves down a little bit. you will get a messer every now and then but you will get that everywhere. >> reporter: you will get a messer. sometimes that messer will throw things. somebody threw bottles at the cops over at mission and 16th. let me show you this, back live here, somebody threw this small guitar and it broke out here on the street. but, look, nobody got hurt. the police did a marvelous job at responding quickly to any kind of problems. reporting live, back to you. i'm live at the new 49ers
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stadium in santa clara. now, earlier today we were at bartaniun arms. the loudest place but it was quiet until the power outage when the 9ers started to fight back. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: now, for awhile there. fans were giddy and hopeful. nail-biting gave way to hooting and hollering and strangers high-fiving one another. then, the 9ers failed to get the 2-point conversion, passed dropped and timeouts used up. when they did not get that 4th and goal that is when the crowd knew it was over. folks were stunned and in disbelief and some in tears. >> it hurts. we should of won. we should of taken it. >> it hurts. it hurts. it hurts. it hurts like nothing other. you go through your entire life -- i went through '94, you know, my only time. but it hurts to lose in that
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game. the top of the top. and you go down like this t. it is rough. it is a -- this is. it is rough. it is rough. >> one thing we heard over and over tonight, we will quiet -- "we will get them next year". >> raven fans party got canceled because cops could not guarantee their safety. so, they went underground, sharon? >> reporter: yes, because of security concerns the ravens fan his to cancel a big party here at the dear mom's bar. >> reporter: as soon as their team won, fans slipped through a crowd of niner fans and out of the mission district.
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they planned to go to a big party to a fan group, ravens in the fog but they canceled the event today. the facebook page said san francisco police could not guarantee the safety of the expected crowd of 200. so many ravens fans watched the games at house parties but we found half a dozen fans at a popular hangout where it is fairly low key. it outnumbered. >> fan taft stphaoeubg a great crowd in there. good hospitality. >> great for sportsmanship as well. >> appreciate it. and the enthusiasm on the streets and everything. >> be sides the bar, it was closed today. the ravens tell me they did not get direct threats but the police advice to cancel the
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event. they were careful. to have their jerseys covered with their buttoned coats. they did not do their victory dance until they were a block away from the bar. live in san francisco, kpix, back to you. people swarmed cars on the streets and tried to overturn them n. one neighborhood a minivan was stopped in the streets while fans chimed on top of it -- climbed on top of it. a switch. from the supper bowl to the bay area. >> a event on the eastern span. >> reporter: we had the governor out here in the broadcast. the first one. we are situated right now on the suspension section. and this was a bit of
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controversy a dozen years ago when this project got started. the then mayor of oakland, jerry brown held out for this kind of bridge. he did not want just a concrete skyway. on his first visit out here tonight he is glad it turned out great. >> it is pointing to oakland. it is coming from the island to the mainland. a connection. bridges connect people. and that is a lot of our work going forward. let's get better connected. >> when you push this button tell start the countdown clock. 211 days left and the bridge will be open. so, go ahead. >> we will not have any blackouts? >> let's hope not. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> this it is. [dog barking] >> the green height is going. you can see it on the screen there. the countdown clock. 211 days until the bridge
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opening. that will be september 3rd. >> we are hoping to get the next -- more holes in the tunnel there. california is in a build approximating mood and this is -- is in a building mood. and this has taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears but it is worth it. we are building for the future. >> the governor is saying it is worth it that we are moving 300,000 cars on the old bridge we need to step up to the tpaouture. i asked him about the september 3rd opening ceremonies. he said that is still in the works but he wants to have a bike race, talking about a 10-k run. talking about giving the public, the bay area access to the bridge so they can walk across it and really enjoy this opening ceremony. we will have more coming up right after this. with one 49ers fan's bold pr on. >> all right, ken, thanks. a lot to celebrate. coming up, we are live in new new with one 49er's fan bold prediction for next
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grand sierra casino and resort in reno.. where people were betting on just about every aspect of the game... len.
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len, thank you. if you're still f of the niner in reno, people were betting on every aspect of the game tonight. >> reporter: exactly right. they are still betting behind me. the game is over but the gaming goes on. a lot of attention this year with what is called proposition betting. you don't have to win the game to be a winner. >> reporter: when it comes to proposition betting you don't have to be a sports fan or know a lot about gambling. >> prop betting is the way to go for me. >> did you bet a lot? >> this is my first time really betting. >> reporter: the proposition bet is something that will happen within the game. talking about how many yards kaepernick is going to throw for. over and under. which team will receive the kick off. will there be, you know, will so-and-so make an interception? >> starting at $5 you can bet if keys will flub the "national
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anthem". >> simple $5 bet can get you $1. >> not bad. not bad. >> and a lot of fun. >> and a lot of fun. mostly fun. >> a lot of fun and a lot of money. it is estimated that around $100 million was wagered on this game. here in nevada alone. that is up from about $93 million last year. reporting live in reno. cbs 5. >> well, if you are still feeling the pain of the 9ers loss just think about all of the fans that traveled to new orleans. kpix5 pheurbel griego is there tonight. michelle what is the mood like there? >> michelle griego is there tonight michelle what is the mood like there? >> reporter: they traveled here and spent thousands. 49er fans are not sell is pwraeuting tonight. a lot of raven fans behind me. we have seen a lot of purple in the streets. but, red and gold, it is still out there. you know, the 49er fans, it was very emotional game for them. unfortunately it was an outcome
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they did not expect. of course they did not want. they are still proud of their team. >> how are you feeling right now? >> i am hurt, i am hurt. but i came out from california. but, you know what? i tell you right now, new orleans has a beautiful city, beautiful people, and i could not ask for a better time, you know. but next year we will win it all. 49ersination, tpaeublful -- 49ers nation, the faithful. >> reporter: that is the theme of the night. it is next week they are hoping for another trip to the super bowl. and that is really what a lot of people out here are saying. they absolutely love new orleans. it was the best city to host the super bowl. and, so, that makes sense; liz? >> a hard loss tonight but it was a spectacular season. >> thank you. our meteorologist is on the bay bridge tonight.
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>> we brought out the weather lab outside. we brought it outside because the weather is different from one side to the other. they to install weather stations on the bridge to make sure they engineered it properly and safely for toefrpb use it. coming up in 211 days -- safely for everyone to use it. that will be coming up in 211 days. we have is 49 degrees for oakland, san francisco, 48 currently. 39 already in santa rosa. and san jose down to 46 degrees. tonight, we will see some 30s, upper 30s in the south bay. 35 for santa rosa and pacifica, 46. satellite and radar review will show you the ridge of high pressure is holding on. as that ridge begins to move away from us we will go from northerly north easterly wind. it will cool us down. cooler air moving in before we get showers. tomorrow, mainly sunny, mild again. the cool air will be here in the middle of the week and
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showers for the first time all month long will be here starting on thursday. highs tomorrow, san jose, 62. concord, 61. vallejo, 59. notice will cool down already with the onshore flow. right along the coast. 52. sanfrancisco, 54. here is the extended forecast. low 60ss inland. staying dry. upper 50ss near the bay. low 50s at the coast. here comes the first rain of the month on thursday. rain showers likely lingering into friday and right now a quick look at next weekend looking dry. cooler than this weekend. the beautiful bay bridge is gorgeous. tonight, it is calm. average wind speed of 1 mile-an- hour. that, folks is rare. we'll be right back. in space, the shuttle endeavor is practically weightless. 3... 2... 1... ( engine revving )
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his final game as he ends his hall of fame career with his second super for two weeks we have been hearing about ray lewis. >> reporter: lewis got off to a rough start trying to cover davis. it was a mismatch but he stepped whup he needed to have -- when he needed to have to step up. he was part of that goal line stance. >> everything, the only thing that ends if are me is football. life begins for ray lewis now. >> the the final series of ray lewis was a goal line stand to
11:24 pm
win the lombardi trophy. ray said on the podium how could it be any other way than that? we said to our team many times after many of these games that played out just the same way. it was not perfect, it was not pretty but it was us. >> we have been through everything as a team. lost 3 in a row. all you all counted us out. you know you had them picked. broncos, patriots, texans. but none of you all had the ravens in this game let alone winning it. baltimore city! charm city. world champions, baby! >> i mean, nobody can feel how -- you ever felt like on cloud 9? i feel it now. i am flying right now. where we at? we are in new orleans, baby. burbon street, watch out! >> as great as it was for the ravens it was difficult to
11:25 pm
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[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. overthrows crabs 3:53 3rd & welcome back, everybody, to the superdome. i am joined now by vern glen. we both witnessed excruciating final 4 downs that cost the
11:28 pm
49ers. >> and we were helpless to have an effect on the outcome. >> >> reporter: what was your thoughts. >> you live and die boo the read offense. running it all game. you are inside the 10 yard line. you are at the 7. last 4 plays of the game. that is what you come up with? run the football. have kaepernick run to the corner. throw a fake throw it to moss. hello. big playbook and that is what you come up with. >> so, apparently what we understand is that on that final play, they threw 3 short passes to michael crabtree. and on the final one, kaepernick called an audible. not the original play. called it on the pass to phos that was overthrown. >> we will wonder what that play was. that is something that he will have to live with. he says tonight -- and for the rest of his life. this will eat at him. >> i think you hit the nail on
11:29 pm
the head when you said that play, that play was for randy moss. that is why he was on this football team to begin with. that is his signature play. if he is there that is caught. >> i don't care if he is 70 years old. he can jump higher than anybody. jump out of this building. though it up high. let him go get it. win the game. make history and then go home. >> okay. >> let's talk about vernon davis. well is obviously questionable calls in the game as well. including the end that harbaugh wanted to be called. >> i definitely thought they would throw a flag. but they didn't. i mean this is football, it is the national football league. and you got to expect these kind of things to happen. there is nothing we can do to change the hands of time. what is done is done. i look at it as a blessing like i said before because this right here let us know where we
11:30 pm
are as a team. and what we have to look forward to coming back in here next year. so i am excited, man. i am excited about next year and what we have, like you said, the young guys that we have on this team and what we can do. and what we are capable of as we continue to move forward. >> reporter: he talked about the use of this football team. i think the immaturity, inexcerpts on the big stage comes back to hurt him. because they got off to a slow start in the atlanta game being down 17-0. they laid an egg in the first half as well. if they can put together four complete quarters in this game they were not going away. >> kaepernick is a kid. he had to be nervous. one of the biggest stages in the world. he was nervous, he was shaky. there were indecision. there were management issues in the 1st half. the ravens were just on it. they were just on this to
11:31 pm
rattle him and he could not get anything going. >> you look at the first half. coli, 8 of 13. 139 yards but interception and rating of 65.9. it was not all him. michael james, another rookie or a rookie, we should say, converted into a touchdown. so that was costly. then the 49ers had -- it was not the quantity penalties it was the quality of the penalties because they came at kreut cam skwrupbgtures. >> yes. the catch phrase. the self-inflicted wounds. 49ers had them. on the defensive side of the ball, joe flacco in a 3rd. they made him look like joe montana, yes, for the touchdown. >> joe did look like joe montana this entire post season. no interception, he was brilliant. turned down the contract offer at the beginning of the year. he said that is not enough money and now he could be the
11:32 pm
highest paid quarterback in the nf stphraorbgs as boomer said, -- [ laughter ] >> cha-ching, cha-ching on every throw. >> yes. he absolutely deserves it. i think he felt he was the rodney danger field. everyone was talking about kaepernick, and flacco, oht is joe flacco. everything against them. visiting team. a tiny shack of a locker room. everything was against them. all of the plans were aligned for the 49ers and still, the ravens got it done. okay, allen boone afterwards trying to put it in perspective. >> it sucks, it sucks to lose. it does. you know. >> the power outage? >> no effect.
11:33 pm
things happen. this is life. you just move on. [reporter asking question ] >> colin kept his swag. did a good job of that. i think that is on the offense putting the ball in the end zone. >> can you imagine what this game will do -- >> we all gained stphr-g this. you know, it sucks to lose especially in the last game of the year. you want to win the last one. we just have is to put points in the end zone. >> what was said? >> just go. you have to execute better. >> reporter: the reality is that jim harbaugh becomes the first to lose in a super bowl -- [indiscernible] >> that is right.
11:34 pm
midmarch he could be gone and allowed to shop himself around. and wouldn't that be funny if he ended up in the nfc west. i will give you credit. you said the ravens win by 3. whafs what was the margin of victory? >> i did not want to say t. i know i made 49er fans upset is. in this past week, the ravens were saying the right things and acting the right way. i just had a bad feeling about it. it is too bad on the final drive it did not go their way. any way, that is our coverage from new orleans. and, of course, everybody else that came on the trip with us. it is a tough way to come home but a lot of fun in the last week in new orleans. let's go back now to alan and liz in the studio. >> guys, quick question. you talked a lot about the end of the game. eupted to ask you about the beginning of the game. the first play from scrimmage. the 49ers call for illegal formation, a big gain. 3 and out. a lot of fans went oh, no, two


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